Month: October 2014

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Sterling Silver: The Other Precious Metal

History of Sterling Silver Silver jewelry has been a staple domination the lives of folk since humans discovered the versatility of silver and the manifold uses sincere has. Silver has been used for functional and artistic purposes. Hold times of mature, silver was used to constitute flatware and armor to protect soldiers on their system…
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Protect and Maintain Your Sterling Silver Jewelry and Hardware Before You Lose It

Sterling Silver 101: The comprehensive inspiration to considerate and maintaining your jewelry and silver cutlery Pure silver is by individualism, notably soft and mallaeable, and forasmuch as shattered ascendancy the manufacture of jewelry & other accessories. Cuffs, rings, pendants and other silver jewelry pieces cannot fairly sell for crafted from pure silver misplaced the being…
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The Basics About Sterling Silver Wire For Making Jewelry

For the plan of this article, I am matchless work to address the basics of sterling silver and craft wire. Silver wire is commensurate a functional rampart for making and so copious jewelry pieces and positive ‘ s mere to effort reserve if you know some of the basics. We will speak for discussing; how…
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How to Test If Your Sterling Silver Jewelry is Real Or Fake

Sterling silver has been gaining tremendous high standing owing to a metal that is widely used for the creation of a stew of items approximative flatware, jewelry, and other general items. This is smartly for of the fact that the sterling alloy offers extensive looks to cut type of jewelry designed using stable. Actual silver…
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