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Provide background information about OpenStreetMap, including its goals over time and their progress. Give support for people other than contributors, who want to use data and software related to OpenStreetMap, without directly contributing to it. To give examples for different values of the tag or key. Where tag pages have no image (and check there’s no image on the key page already) we need to find an image to illustrate the tag. This is good way to organise this, giving plenty of space for developers and users to share ideas and describe apps from an OpenStreetMap perspective, but some of these pages remain as unloved stubs. That’s working well. The information should also be written out in a slightly more longhand way in the page content itself. A few ways to accomplish this is to present article information a way that both increases compliance with the guidelines and follows the rules of article content organization, both of which are worth reading before doing anything mentioned here. You can also discuss how to change pages generally in the guidelines and rules pages sited above, along with on the Wiki Help discussion pages. By contrast, as mentioned above, blacks were under 22% of the city’s population in 2018 and whites nearly 32%. Based on that disparity alone, cop critics allege that NYPD officers discriminate in their policing practices. Officers are deployed to where crime is most intense, and that is in minority neighborhoods. Blacks were 63.4% of murder suspects; whites, 6.3%. (That white share of homicide suspects represents domestic violence incidents, not street crime. Confronting armed, violent, and resisting suspects was virtually the unit’s job description. The likelihood of an officer’s use of force is a function of how often he interacts with violent suspects. By comparison, the roughly 600 Anti-Crime officers were 1.6% of the total NYPD sworn force. All the civilians killed by NYPD officers in 2019 appeared to be threatening officers with potentially lethal force; seven had loaded guns. Police officers had gotten the message as well: whether you are in anti-crime or not, proactive policing is unwelcome. On June 15, 2020, however, NYPD Commissioner Dermott Shea announced that he was disbanding the Anti-Crime Unit. In 2020, blacks were over 72% of all shooting suspects; we know that from victim and witness descriptions. In 2020, blacks made up nearly 74% of all shooting victims and 65% of all murder victims, though they are less than 22% of the city’s population. Given these disparities in criminal offending, the police cannot enforce the law without having a disparate impact on blacks, as measured by population ratios. Eric Adams, a former NYPD sergeant, used to lodge the same demagogic racial profiling charges against the NYPD during his years leading the rabble-rousing organization, 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care. The most powerful statistic in his arsenal will be the disparate impact of crime on blacks.

mexican sterling silver Doing so will mean speaking the uncomfortable truth about black crime. This will also present an opportunity to choose a different name for the category before you create the category page. To do this you will need to write a few clear sentences explaining what the category is. Orders that are placed before noon will be available for same day pickup. On the opposite, you’ll need a different sort key when the default one computed cannot work reliably (for example if there are some accents in the translated name, breaking the sort order: all sort keys are made to be adjustable according to the rules of the language in which the page is written: removing sort keys is not a solution when in fact you must change them for another one, which is not simply the same as the page name, even if the language code prefix is dropped). Where there is no image at all on the tag page, it makes sense to set the main image of the tag (appearing in the template) to be the same image as seen on the key table. This table is auto-generated. You can identify undocumented keys because they have no link from the key to the wiki in the Map Data view. Therefore, before editing any page, especially majorly, it can be better to discuss your edit first the page which is to be changed before you do it. Versions of the Main Page, Map features and Beginners’ guide in some languages do this. A default sort key can be used if there is an accented letter or letters in the title of the page, to sort ignoring the accent rather than at the end of the alphabet. Considerable cleanup effort has already gone into the documentation of mobile apps, the root of which can be found at Software/Mobile. Similarly it makes sense to use the image from the tag documentation in another language.

He said Horne was granted bail before tough rules for electronic monitoring were introduced.

See Template:Taglist for a documentation on it. Click on the store location link to see which stores are Curbside Pickup eligible. Available at limited stores. Twenty-five shootings and 11 fatalities are remarkably few, given the size of New York and of the NYPD. Adams deliver on a campaign promise to revive a contested undercover unit of the New York Police Department. Police believe he removed his electronic monitoring device before fleeing. He said Horne was granted bail before tough rules for electronic monitoring were introduced. Authorities issued an arrest warrant for Horne after he went on the run last Friday. The now-defunct Anti-Crime Unit was one of the last entities within the NYPD to forthrightly practice proactive policing. The arguments for disbanding the Anti-Crime Unit were specious. The Anti-Crime Unit became the sacrificial lamb. The unit had an exemplary record of getting guns off the street and of deterring crime. Its members were tasked with spotting and intervening in suspicious behavior in gang-plagued neighborhoods before that behavior ripened into a full-fledged crime. Blacks, it turns out, are understopped compared to what their crime rates would predict, and whites greatly overstopped. Whites were 1.4% of all shooting suspects, again, based on victim and witness descriptions.

Whites made up 9.1% of all NYPD stops. An article stops being a stub once more sections are added to it. In 2020, black subjects made up 56.6% of all pedestrian stops conducted by the NYPD. A black New Yorker is roughly 50 times as likely to commit a shooting as a white New Yorker. The 32-year-old was last seen about 6am at Riverwood in Sydney’s south, where he was headed west in a white 2004 Hyundai Getz on the M5 motorway. Lab-Created White Sapphire MOM Wrap Ring (3/4 ct. Diamond Mom Ring (1/4 ct. Diamond Mom Pendant Necklace (1/4 ct. Mom Heart Love pendant (1/5 ct. This pendant is worth every penny, I m in love! Diamond Mother & Child Interlocking Heart Pendant Necklace (1/10 ct. Diamond Mom Heart Ring (1/10 ct. Diamond “Mom” Ring (1/4 ct. Pendant Necklace (1/4 ct. Pendant Necklace and Stud Earrings Set. Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver (1/10 ct. Pendant Necklace (1/10 ct. Diamond Swirl Heart Pendant Necklace (1/2 ct. Diamond Cross Pendant Necklace (1/2 ct. Pendant Necklace (3/4 ct. Diamond “Ma” Pendant Necklace (1/6 ct. As soon as I saw this piece in person I knew I d be wearing this pendant almost every day! Orders made after 12pm will be available for pick up the next business day. New York’s next mayor will have to relentlessly beat back the charge that the NYPD is racist for trying to protect black victims. That way there be can new types of content and things will continue to evolve to meet new challenges. A partial list of completed tasks can be found at WikiProject Cleanup/Completed tasks, while many other cleanup tasks go unrecorded. There are multiple issues related to links that can use fixing. Maybe the third language at both places could also be merged if there is somebody understanding this. Add Template:Historic artifact start right below the language bar or the headline. B/Werkstatt lists some great german pages, that need to be harmonized with the language namespaces –! The pages per operating system there (particularly Android and iOS) have long lists of apps with a wiki page per app.