5 Strong Causes To Keep away from Sterling Silver Charms Wholesale

All our jewelry making supplies are made of hypoallergenic nickel-free sterling silver 925 with the possibility of galvanic jewelry plating: 24-carat gold, 18-carat light gold, 18-carat rose gold, as well as light rhodium and platinum. These include the implementation of individual projects, such as laser cutting and laser marking jewelry, electroplating jewelry- which is coating silver with a gold, rhodium or platinum layer for visual or protective purposes, testing the thickness of the galvanic coating, jewelry oxidation, as well as jewelry soldering. To create children’s jewelry, we also recommend such styles as a dolphin charm, a teddy bear pendant or a pony pendant, thanks to which you will create a charming necklace for a girl. It allows for the production of jewelry components with complex shapes and patterns, which is why it is very often used to create more intricate motifs, inspired by flora, fauna, astronomy, architecture, geometry, chemistry, art and objects that surround us on a daily basis, such as: coin pendant, dumbbell, microphone, musical note or a teddy bear pendant. In addition to the silver castings described in this article, in our store you will also find all silver items necessary for creating jewelry, such as: bases for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, cufflinks and components such as pins, jumprings, ends, clasps, bails, tubes, elements for soldering, chains and wires by the meter. Our offer includes a wide selection of both beads and bases for bracelets and necklaces with thin weaves. Our range of silver castings includes solid models of blanks for stones, crystals, pearls and resin, signet rings with engraving, rings with pendants, as well as models inspired by nature and popular symbols, such as a leaf ring, a heart ring or an infinity ring.

The scheme for implementing a design of your own jewelry is extremely simple.

flatware pattern silver sterling For example, some models are inspired by a fairy-tale style, such as a unicorn pendant, which is why they are a great proposition as jewelry for children. Another proposition are popular bead pendants that can be used both to create custom bracelets and necklaces. An interesting proposition are also charms for bracelets in the form of a tube with a link, which will be great for creating charm bracelets, but can also act as necklaces pendants. These types of settings for stones are often used to create earrings, pendants, bails, rings, bracelets, necklaces, cufflinks, and jewelry sets. Silver castings, due to their spatial form, offer many possibilities and look phenomenal in every type of accessories, from rings, through earrings, bracelets, necklaces, chokers or other jewelry pieces. Our offer includes simple zodiac pendants and settings for crystals, thanks to which you can create personalized necklaces, perfect for a gift. Openwork pendants are very glamorous in themselves, so to create a charming custom necklace, it is enough to connect the selected silver pendant with one hole with a chain by the use of a jumpring or a bail. What’s more, our experienced designers use their talent and artistic sensitivity to make the pendant’s design even more attractive in some cases. The scheme for implementing a design of your own jewelry is extremely simple. Some of them have a simple style that is perfect to wear every day, and some take on a more elegant form, such as a snake pendant, which, when combined with a stone and a chain, becomes stylish jewelry for a special occasion. Wax casting silver allows you to create custom jewelry with both simple and complex designs, and even consisting of many interconnected elements. The variety of them also allows them to be used as a decoration in itself, for example by mounting it solo on a string bracelet or a chain for a necklace.

The variety of charms in our offer allows you to create beautiful jewelry for women, but remember that men also love decorating their body, so below we present men’s pendants, from which you can create jewelry for men. However, below we present a few concepts that may inspire you and help you start the adventure of making your own jewelry. However, in addition to ready-made models, below we present a wide selection of 3D high quality jewelry making supplies that can be used in many creative ways, making original and unique jewelry according to your own ideas. The final product is polished by hand and verified at every production stage, thanks to which the customer has a guarantee of high aesthetics and quality of the jewelry created. An example are butterfly earrings, which require just adding earring backs to make the product ready for sale. After the customer approves the design, the model goes to print, and after accepting the spatial model, we proceed to make a product prototype, then wax models, which are finally sent to the foundry. Make your own unique pearl rings with your preferred color or sized with these loose pearls now.

sterling silver message beads These pearl ring mountings and settings are in stock right now and ready to be shipped! Pearl ring mountings are a classic and will never go out of fashion. Shortly after their engagement, Prince Harry spoke out about the design process behind the ring, explaining that he had chosen each element in order to ensure that it fit his future bride’s tastes perfectly. Custom order any design with any large quantities you need. All you need to do is send us a drawing, photo or description of the idea along with the dimensions, and our designers, according to the materials received, will make preliminary sketches and then create a 3D model. If you decide on a connector type pendant (with two or more holes), you just need to choose the appropriate chain necklace and connect it with each other with two jumprings, which are included with the silver chain. Going further, if you add a butterfly pendant to them and connect it with a chain, or a butterfly connector with a bracelet base, you will create a beautiful jewelry set consisting of earrings, necklace and bracelet, perfect for lovers of these cute insects. In addition to decorating the ears, neckline and wrists, hand decorations in the form of massive rings with stones, sets adorning several fingers, or stackable rings set worn on the same finger are also in the lead. An example of a delicate pendant without decorations is the moon charm, which can act as a pendant, as well as bracelet spacers.