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Your aim is to make the best use of your space to produce a good range of crops you can eat all year round, without ending up with a glut. The idea is to make beds of deep, rich soil and plant crops closer together as the roots can grow deeply. Don’t transplant root crops – it makes the roots split or the plants run to seed prematurely. But don’t even think about trying to grow everything. Even in a tiny space, you can grow worthwhile crops in tubs, growing bags or a small raised bed. Even if you’re short on space, it’s still worthwhile growing your favourite fruit and veg. My book, The Kitchen Gardener: Grow Your Own Fruit and Veg (see here) has information on planting and harvesting times for fruit and veg, and you’ll also find details on the backs of seed packets and catalogues. Water veg regularly in dry spells and feed long-stay crops – such as courgettes, brassicas, leeks and tomatoes – several times during the growing season. ★ In one growing bag, you’ll fit 12 runner bean plants or two bush courgettes or three outdoor tomatoes. Runner beans, tomatoes and courgettes are so productive you can grow worthwhile crops in a few tubs on the patio, and they are so good looking that if you didn’t know better, you’d think they were chunky bedding plants. Plant one tomato or courgette, or five runner beans.

Super fun at a dinner party and great for a stocking filler present for Christmas.

sterling silver cross necklaces He wears one of those sweatshirts that conceals half his head – yes, it’s Robin Hoodie. Lorraine Ashbourne is the head of the local crime family. Now those detainees are far from their local support systems of friends or loved ones, and those who were lucky enough to have lawyers have been stripped of the ability to communicate with them readily and in person. Cover small seeds to a depth of no more than 6mm and large ones, such as beans, to their own depth. It’s easy to cover them with pest-proof netting or surround with copper strips to deter slugs and snails. But it’s not shaped up yet. It’s a real treat to wander out into the garden with a trug on Sunday morning to pick a few fresh vegetables for lunch, or to pop out after work to collect some salad for supper. Thin out seedlings to 2.5cm-5cm apart when they first come up and are easy to handle, then thin them again to their final spacing a few weeks later. If you are short of time, concentrate on a few quick, compact crops that you have time to grow well. ★ Next, construct raised edges using wooden planks (scaffolding planks are ideal). ★ Mark out an area – a good size is 3m x 80cm – then fork over the ground as deeply as possible, removing roots, weeds and rubble. Not only that, but over 2,300 shoppers have left glowing reviews. If you’re looking for a present for a wine lover this Christmas or if you simply want to get the most out of your reds over the festive period, then an aerator is a fantastic little gadget. Super fun at a dinner party and great for a stocking filler present for Christmas. The Chief Super is boiling angry. Gary loathed them, but then he was a man whose chief hobby was nursing grudges; at the wedding of the local Tory council candidate (Joanne Froggatt), Gary snarled, ‘Scab’ when anyone mentioned the bride’s father.

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Gary wasn’t forgiving or forgetting anything – fuelling a feud that divided his wife (Lesley Manville) from her sister and brother-in-law (Claire Rushbrook and Kevin Doyle). The victim, former miner Gary Jackson (Alun Armstrong), was shot through the heart with a crossbow bolt on his way home from the working men’s club. What’s really worth growing at home are unusual crops, and those that taste best picked and eaten straight from the garden. Products featured in this article are independently selected by our shopping writers. Then, the basic jobs of sowing, thinning and transplanting are the same regardless of which veg you are growing. Some crops are sown or planted early in spring but have been harvested by midsummer, so then you can re-use the space for something else. It may sound complicated, but you can fine-tune your masterplan year after year, and it gets easier the more you do it, honest! While it may sound like an expensive bit of kit, Amazon shoppers have discovered the Hotder Wine Aerator Decanter, which at £12.95, is very affordable. While it may seem like an unnecessary step to some, hundreds of impressed Amazon shopper’s will say otherwise. The beds need little weeding, but you will need to feed and water more frequently. You can thin out surrounding trees or shrubs to let more light in, but if the only available space is shady, stick to leafy varieties such as brassicas, lettuce, sorrel, rocket and most herbs, which will cope.

Grow disease-resistant varieties whenever you can – try ‘Fly Away’ and ‘Resistafly’ carrots, ‘Toledo’ leeks and ‘Tarmino’ or ‘Defender’ courgettes. For example in mild March weather outside you can sow parsnips, lettuces, early varieties of carrots, shelling peas and beetroots, spring onions, leeks, brussels sprouts and parsnips. Undercover (for example, in a greenhouse) you can also sow turnips, spinach, globe artichokes, mangetout peas and summer-sprouting broccoli. Her son is the local cabbie and her husband (Philip Jackson) keeps targets in his barn where people can practise throwing axes. It looked half-finished. His guest Harriet Middleton could have given him tips – she helped to raise more than £100,000 for an MRI scanner at her local hospital in Lerwick, Shetland, by knitting hats. Harriet was having her picture painted by the brilliantly quirky artist Stuart Pearson Wright, whose art combines the vividness of a photograph with the exaggeration of a cartoon. He depicted Harriet in her favourite cardigan. The Hotder Wine Aerator Decanter scores big on two main points. After planting, water them in well, and after four weeks feed with liquid tomato feed every two weeks. Feed and water as before, but use canes, sticks or decorative obelisks for support. ★ Support tomato and bean plants with growing bag frames or tie them to a trellis – don’t poke canes in, as they go through the bottom of the bag and make it leak. Don’t sow root crops (such as carrots or turnips) in ground that has been manured within the past six months. After completing her criminal sentence in February 2021 – for convictions of grand larceny and thefts totaling $275,000, including stealing at least one flight on a private jet – Sorokin was detained for 18 months by ICE. She was granted a $10,000 bail by a federal immigration court after spending 18 months in prison on Friday. She has been auctioning off her prison sketches and has also written poetry. Love love love this,’ wrote another delighted shopper about the aerator. This is brilliant,’ raved one shopper. We’ve already got a good idea who the murderer is, because one character is living rough in Sherwood Forest and practising his archery.