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sterling silver wire wholesale australia MEDA is a trademark for MEDA JEWELRY LIMITED who produced sterling silver and silver and gold custom jewelry. So in short, MEDA jewelry was mass produced silver and silver and Gold costume jewelry. Shop Ross-Simons where you will find fabulous jewelry from around the world. At Ross-Simons we have a ring for every finger! On pages that have received little attention from editors or readers, cleanup templates can be used as a way to call attention to problems that need to be addressed by editors. Editors who want to help address these problems should look through the various cleanup categories such as maintenance and articles with content issues and try to address the problems so that the templates can be removed. Please add one or more subject categories into the template. For heavily monitored articles, please do not add or remove template messages of this sort without using the talk page. Please consider using specific cleanup tags first, as specific tags help other editors to easily identify problems in an article. Certain tags can be placed at the beginning of an individual section, and others can be placed within the text itself (inline). Such templates can be used to attract uninvolved users to discussions and cleanup efforts, and they can also serve as a warning to casual readers that the article may have problems and be subject to noticeable changes. On pages that are being edited by a number of users, cleanup templates are used to inform readers and editors of ongoing discussions and attempts to fix the problems on the page. If the consensus of the other editors is that there is a problem or an editorial dispute that deserves such a clean-up template, then the editors should work to fix the problem as quickly and cleanly as possible so the template message can be removed.

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Cleanup tags are meant to be temporary notices that lead to an effort to fix the problem, not a permanent badge of shame to show that you disagree with an article, or a method of warning readers about an article. If too many tags are put at the top of an article, the article can become eclipsed by the tags, especially with short or stub articles. Message boxes may be used at the top of an article, or in a specific section of an article. Individual message boxes may be combined. If the consensus is that there is no problem, then the message can be removed immediately. From what I can tell, they trademarked in 2000 and ended in 2010? Storms can shut the islands off for days. There are downsides though: arctic terns enjoy dive-bombing humans, there is no running water, and occupants can be marooned for days at a time by violent spring storms. Also popular as an engagement ring style, it can include three diamonds, or can combine with gemstone or birthstones for variety and personality. Some articles can be tagged for speedy deletion or nominated for a deletion discussion at Wikipedia:Articles for deletion. For use in non-list articles where too much of the content is composed of “examples”, “references in popular culture”, and the like.

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While you will be the only human for on the island for much of the year, there are 39,962 breeding pairs of puffins to keep you company. But there are no washing machines, dryers or showers, which are available on the mainland. From classic rings to on trend styles, there are countless rings to choose from. Most of these issues are covered in the main Manual of Style. Use this tag where a list of works is in reverse-chronological order or otherwise contravenes the Wikipedia:Manual of Style (lists of works). Use this to mark acronyms and abbreviations that are not written in full at first occurrence. Also provided are two Zodiac motor boats for nipping around. Brittany completed her look with a matching bucket hat and accessorised with designer sunglasses, a bracelet (Related Site) and two thin necklaces. Brittany was joined at the tourist hotspot by her nutritionist sister Sheri Hockley. But six months later, Brittany Hockley is loving life and looking better than ever. The former radiographer launched a career as a podcaster after rising to fame on season six of The Bachelor, starring Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins. She added: ‘Every season is different and you’ll be doing everything from carrying out repairs and counting cute seal pups in October to blow-drying sickly Arctic terns or handling puffin chicks during our five-yearly count of the colourful birds. For quotations used out of context, references to unrelated material, and other misuse of citations. For use when a nonfiction article has become overcrowded with too many references to fiction or other pop culture. If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. 1 Does the article meet inclusion requirements? Does the article meet inclusion requirements? Articles occasionally contain content which is otherwise valid, but appears unrelated to the nominal topic of the article. Do not translate text that appears unreliable or low-quality. This design lets you vary the types and sizes of the side and center stones. This style features a single diamond or gemstone versus rings that showcase three, four or five stones. Use this tag when the writing is clear, but the article as a whole doesn’t concentrate on a single theme.

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Use this to mark articles or sections that completely lack internal links. Use this tag where the remaining sections of an article need cleanup. Use this to mark articles or sections with too few internal links. Use this to mark statements that are inconsistent with other parts of the article. These templates are all “general cleanup” templates, but tie into a specific subject matter or WikiProjects. This applies to general problems not addressed by other tags. Use this on a page with general links that should be more specific. Use this tag in articles that need broad cleanup to eliminate confusion and discrepancies. Editors who frequently tag articles should also address the backlogs. Helping reduce backlogs is an important issue, so please feel free to help out. To identify a list on Wikipedia that has entries that may be out of scope. Before placing templates on a page it is worthwhile to cast a critical eye over the page to determine whether indeed it should be included in Wikipedia. To identify a list on Wikipedia that has content whose truth, factual nature, and/or relevance to the topic is in dispute. See the template documentation for a list of supported values.