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gold and sterling silverDiamonds may be your best friends, but how about venturing beyond the white to explore the world of colorful gemstones? One of the most interesting facts about gemstones pertains to their color, which along with the beauty and radiance, becomes apparent after the stone has been cut and polished. On a more practical level, rubies equal diamonds in context of inherent hardness courtesy of hailing from the corundum family. Sapphires – A sapphire could be blue or yellow, and there are multiple shades under each color. Henceforth it can worn by itself or embedded in a suitable metal. That being said, the most discerning feature of a ruby is its color, and in this context, be prepared to be bombardded with multiple shades of red, namely bright red, pink-red, orange-red, pigeon blood, and the most sought-after which is neither too dark nor too light. Rubies – From the astrological perspective, having a ruby on your persona can reinforce your social status, ensure success and add years to your life. Enticing that gemstones are, identifying one correctly can be daunting, especially if you are new to the niche and are aware of the different types. Unlike the identical sparkly vibe of diamonds, gemstones vary in terms of color, with each type exuding a distinct hue, depending on the mineral from which it originates. For the unversed, gems are formed when one or more minerals undergo a natural process that spans several decades, and likewise are categorized as organic or inorganic.

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Joys of Sterling Silver JewelryBoth varieties belong to the corundum family, and hence possess an innate strength which is rare and sustaining. Emerald – This enigmatic and durable green-colored gemstone fosters growth, power, faith and protection, and exists in a variety of shades. Regardless of whether it is meant to evoke love or fortune, or maybe both, recognize a topaz through its enhanced hue. It is also an exception in the gemstone family in terms of manifesting flaws, and this is an aspect which you need to look for while seeking to identify. Identify a sapphire through its distinct allure, which always manages to stand out, no matter what the situation. Regardless of whether the shade is light, dark, bluish or yellowish, you are bound to find flaws, which could be minor and deep within the stone, or close to the surface and hugging the edges. Shades that you are likely to come across include various forms of blue, like Swiss, London, sky-blue, and ice-blue. Because its soft natural color transforms with the intensity of light, identifying this gemstone is much simpler as compared to others. Like the emerald, this gemstone is durable, but the similarity ends here. Unlike the emerald, aquamarine does not show its flaws, and you need to be truly experienced and observant to discern one. Topaz – Hard and brittle that topaz is, remember that its signature color is blue, although there is an entire spectrum of shades that it covers. Aquamarine – Most aquamarines carry a soothing clear blue hue, but some could be dark, greyish or greenish, with the latter being the most valued.

The latest trend is the fancy cut and it is achieved by combining two or more of the common cuts.

Equally common is a topaz that carries a tint, which could be brown, yellow, pink or green. Their shimmering elegance is evident through any color, and all you need to do to ascertain authenticity is to check the source. Tanzanite – Its blue-purple hue notwithstanding, another trait that sets this mesmerizing gemstone apart from others in the family is its amazing clarity and lack of flaws. The latest trend is the fancy cut and it is achieved by combining two or more of the common cuts. Do bear in mind that despite their differences, gemstones share some common aspects too, namely shape and cut. Tanzanite also happens to be one of the softest gemstones, an attribute you can rely upon to avoid confusing it with other blue-colored gemstones. Regardless of the type, a gemstone could be square, round, heart-shaped or pear-shaped. To discern one, look out for emerald-green hue in sunlight, and ruby-red brightness in orange light. Another unique attribute of an alexandrite is that it can withstand daily wear-and-tear, and hence is somewhat immune to damage. Derived from quartz, it is durable, but is also prone to sustain surface scratches at the slightest contact. Amethyst – Soothing and delicate is the first vibe that this lavender-colored gemstone gives out, and it happens to be just as fragile in composition. In addition, check if the gemstone appears too dark or cloudy under normal light conditions. Other not-so-common cuts include cabochon, wherein the gemstone resembles a dome with a flat bottom, and bead in which a hole runs through. Cut wise, it could be brilliant, step and mixed. Pearl – Owing to their organic origin, pearls are the softest gemstones and the easiet to identify. Alexandrite – Courtesy of its ability to change colors in accordance with the color of the light, alexandrite is truly a chameleon of the gemstone family. Opal – Probably the only gemstone that relies on water to be at its best, opal is best-known for emanating a shimmering multicolored vibe when spun randomly. When faced with the task of identifying a gemstone, aspects that you need to bear in mind pertain to the color, which refers to how it appears, and softness, as in its overall inherent strength.

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