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"sterling silver gem stone rings"BRASILIA, March 6 (Reuters) – Brazilian Justice Minister Flavio Dino on Monday ordered police to investigate an alleged attempt to bring in undeclared jewelry, a gift from Saudi Arabia valued at $3.2 million, to former far-right President Jair Bolsonaro. The investigation could add to the legal liabilities that Bolsonaro faces if and when he returns to Brazil, from probes into the inciting of violent protest by his supporters after he left office to criticism of Brazil’s electronic voting system. In his only public comment on the jewelry, Bolsonaro said he was being “crucified” for a gift he never asked for and never received. Dino ordered the federal police to investigate media reports that it was an attempt “to enter the jewels that would be delivered to the former president without complying with legal procedures” and could constitute a crime under the penal code. It is not clear what the intention of the Bolsonaros was in this case. Bolsonaro’s critics said gifts to president belong to the state and must go into a presidential collection. Bolsonaro, who left for the United States two days before his term ended in December without conceding defeat in his re-election bid, has denied committing any illegality, but his leftist successor President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva called for an investigation. The Saudi embassy did not reply to a request for comment at the time. It said gifts to a president and his wife should were state assets. The Folha de S.Paulo newspaper reported on Sunday that there was a second package of Chopard items gifted by the Saudi government, including a pen, cufflinks, a ring and a rosary, that were in the luggage of another member of Albuquerque’s delegation and were not found by the customs officials. Brazilians are allowed to bring in $1,000 of goods or gifts and pay hefty taxes for anything over that value. Brazil’s Federal Revenue Service also said on Monday it will investigate whether customs laws were complied with for the entry into the country of the second package of jewelry. The luxury jewelry, made by Chopard of Switzerland, were found in the backpack of a government aide who had traveled to Riyadh with then Energy Minister Admiral Bento Albuquerque.

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Need some beauty inspiration to fuel your next cocktail party hair style? Hair stylist Jenny Cho created sculpted ringlets then fastened them by a duo of decorative mismatched crystal combs by luxe accessory brand Lelet NY. Chain can also be purchased on a spool at your local jewelry making supply store. Like mother, like daughter! Think again! Weave one into an updo and secure it with a bobby pin on both ends. Her flawless topknot was accessorized with a selection of bobby pins by NYC label, Jennifer Behr. To recreate Lupita’s look, Vernon used products from his own line, exclusively. Just loop a floral button into a U-shaped hair pin and stick it into your bun. Place in the desired spot and secure with bobby pins. While these luxe accouterments will cost you, FEMAIL reveals how to get the glamorous look on a budget with items you may already have in your jewelry box or sewing kit. Just reach for a pair of costume chandelier earrings. We wanted something clean and sculpted to accent her dress and showoff the neckline,’ said Vernon. Look no further than fashionable celebs on the red carpet. Lupita’s look was inspired by images of Amasunzu hairstyles, which are traditional to Rwandan culture. Want to cop the retro look without spending a dime on new hair bling? Amanda Seyfried, Zendaya and Lupita Nyong’o have all decorated their ‘dos recently with the most spectacular accessories. Zendaya looked stunning at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in a custom Michael Kors Collection gown. Thought you had nothing to do with the broken chain necklaces in your jewelry box? While the designer pins will set you back over $200, you can DIY them with loose buttons. Fringe is in swing! Amanda attended the premiere of Gringo in Los Angeles, California, with a ‘70s-style curly disco ‘do inspired by supermodel Jerry Hall. He molded her hair to create the clean, contoured structure, then weaved a gold thread through her hair using a classic stitch technique. While Lupita’s Custom Atelier Versace gown at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party was striking, it was her updo by hair stylist Vernon François that turned heads. Zendaya, along with her stylist, Law Roach, chose the Juliette Bobby Pin Set in Champagne.

Who can resist the charming, whimsical polka-dots?

Though it isn’t expected to hit stores until May, Pandora jewelry enthusiasts are already raving about the Denmark-based designer’s Spring 2011 collection. Other favorites include tried and true winners like the “Blooming Rose Charm,” which gets an upgrade with a gemstone in the center. For 14k gold Pandora Murano glass beads, the designer has unveiled “Spirals” featuring soft brushstrokes and delicate swirls of paint. Those who love gold but don’t want to put a dent in their wallets will appreciate the gemstone 14k gold Cabochon Moments. Favorites right now include Pink, White, and Brown Spirals. You can find it in stores just before summer, or you can find them online. Featuring more color, and more celtic pieces, oxidized so their intricate designs can be fully appreciated, it’s already a hit among collectors. These are perfect to wear along a gold omega necklace and have a royal, majestic feel to them, fit for a queen! These Pandora Murano glass beads are excellent for special occasions, but can easily be transformed into day-time accessories without overwhelming your ensemble. Who can resist the charming, whimsical polka-dots? Black and Orange are equally stunning. These pieces truly shine, with a softness and transparency that lends itself beautifully to the 14k gold and looks incredible underneath lights. The vibrant turquoise and fuschia-colored tourmaline are favorites. Other 14k gold pieces include “Radiance,” which are pieces of gold strung together in tiny knots, and feature your choice of Pink Diamonds or Sapphire. They definitely have a geometric, retro feel to them, which compliments many of this year’s spring fashion styles perfectly. They are available in every birthstone and are the perfect gift for birthdays. The Birthstone Blooms are hot, hot, hot, featuring sterling – go source silver beads, oxidized silver accents, and a stone center. Filled with bubbles and blooms, swirls and sassy, the Pandora Spring 2011 Collection promises to be one of Pandora’s best yet. They could work on both a Pandora Necklace or a Pandora Charm Bracelet. These 14k gold spacers, which cost $235 and are available in Smokey Quartz, Rhodolite, Onyx, Moonstone, Chaldecony, or simple 14k gold Elegance, for just $160. In fact, many Pandora jewelry stores are already taking online orders. Another favorite among Pandora collectors, glass beads, are featured with “Bubbles,” and are available in 10 different colors. Be sure to place your order soon as many of these pieces will run out. It comes in either Salmon or Champagne Zirconia.