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Elements Academy – Master the Periodic Table of Elements! What settings can I change? What’s the Periodic Table of Elements? Name level and challenges? The 7 rows of the table are called periods, which generally have metals on the left and nonmetals on the right. The two key teaching and training concepts are progressive introduction and focused repetition. What’s the Explore page? The periodic table is a tabular display of the chemical elements, which by far includes 118 elements that have been discovered or synthesized. The elements in the same row have the same number of electron shells (also called orbits) in an atom. The learning material is categorized into modules and then broken down into manageable units (levels) to ensure efficient learning and training. The row number is the electron shell number. What’s the Periodic Table of Elements? Position level and challenges? Elements Academy is developed to help those who are interested in chemistry and want to memorize quickly and easily the elements’ symbols, names, atomic numbers and position in the periodic table. They are arranged by atomic number, electron configuration, and recurring chemical properties. What are learning modes? The 18 columns of the table are called groups, which contain elements with similar chemical properties. If you are not particularly interested in the chemical elements but in improving your memory in general, Elements Academy is also a useful tool.

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sterling silver gem stone jewelryThe elements in the same column have the same amount of valence electrons (outer shell electrons), which decide the chemical properties of an element. After choosing a module, you can choose to learn the names of the elements or their position in the periodic table. What’s the Explore page? All the chemical elements can be categorized into three major classes – metals, metalloids and nonmetals, while each major class can be further divided into various subclasses. Name levels and challenges? In a name level, first a few new elements will be introduced and you should try to remember their names. In a position level, first a few new elements will be displayed on the periodic table and you should remember their position. In Elements Academy, there are 9 modules (as well as 1 summary module), which correspond to 9 subclasses of the elements – Alkali Metals, Alkaline Earth Metals, Transition Metals, Lanthanoids, Actinoids, Post-transition Metals, Metalloids, Reactive Nonmetals and Noble Gases. In short, a level focuses on introducing new elements while a challenge tests what you’ve learnt. The Explore page allows users to zoom in and out the periodic table to see the elements more clearly and click on them to see their symbol, name, atomic number and mass (weight). In short, a level focuses on introducing new elements while a challenge tests what you’ve learnt. Each subclass is marked by a different color for effective memorization. In a challenge, you must make less than 3 mistakes to pass it. Then you’ll start a quiz game to train your knowledge. The box colors of the elements represent the classes of elements, which include metals, metalloids and nonmetals. These classes can be further categorized into subclasses, which are modules in this app. What are learning modes? Position levels and challenges? Then you’ll start a game to tap on the correct position of a given element.

In a challenge, you must make less than 3 mistakes to pass it. Info button: The Info page provides insights into the composition and significance of the periodic table as well as the functionalities of the app. The two key teaching concepts are gradual introduction and focused repetition. After learning all the 118 elements, there’s 1 big module (All Elements) mixing all the elements for review and knowledge enhancement. Certificate button: A certificate for each module will be issued once the user passes all the (Name and Position) levels and challenges in that module. In total, there are 78 levels and 36 challenges teaching and training the symbols, names, atomic numbers and position (in the periodic table) of all the 118 discovered or synthesized elements of the periodic table. Braille Academy – Learn and practice Braille with ease and fun! Braille Academy is developed to help those who are curious about and interested in learning the Braille system. What settings can I change? Simply download them and try them out! Currently there are ten apps available on the Android platform, namely Morse Mania, Brick Mania, Color Mania, Country Mania, Hop Mania, Jezz Mania, Lip Reading Academy, NATO Alphabet, Braille Academy and Elements Academy and there are eight apps available on the iOS platform, namely Morse Mania, Swiss Mania, HopMania, Jezz Mania, Lipreading Academy, NATO Alphabet, Braille Academy and Elements Academy. Want more fun? Check out my other games crafted with great efforts. Continue button: Instead of going through the trouble of choosing the module, learning type and level, by clicking the Continue button, you’ll start the next unfinished level/challenge immediately. Under Settings in Elements Academy, you can enable/disable the button sound, correct/wrong sound (when you answer a question correctly or wrong), button vibration and vibration on error.

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